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Re: Modding Blues DeVille to a Hotrod Deville

8/28/1999 6:05 AM
Steve A.
Re: Modding Blues DeVille to a Hotrod Deville
    Just to play the devil's advocate, if no one ever tampered with the classic Fender designs from the 50's and 60's, perhaps we never would have seen Marshall, Mesa Boogie and Dumble amps... But I agree with you here, and other than maybe adding a Ck cap switch or mid-boost cap, it's probably best not to dig too deeply into mods on those amps. The saying about sow's ears and silk purses comes to mind, except that in the case of a blues deville and a hotrod deville, it would be sow's ears and another sow's ears... < g >  
Steve Ahola