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Re: Soldano thing...

8/27/1999 2:43 PM
Re: Soldano thing...
The 6k11 is a three element tube, two 12ax7's one 12at7. the 6SQ7 is two 12at7's one 12au7. Both are eleven pin tubes. If gain is what you want they aren't compatable. Fender used them in some amps in the 70's, stopped using them when they went out of production. In the 80's Soldano thought it was a good tube to use anyway. It you really need a 6k11 contact Mike Matthews at New Sensor, if he doesn't have any Iam sure he can tell you where to look.  

BIG Dave I'm holding the 6K11 tube right now... -- 8/27/1999 7:10 PM