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previous: Scott Can a Fender Blues DeVille be modde... -- 8/27/1999 4:18 AM View Thread

Re: Modding Blues DeVille to a Hotrod Deville

8/27/1999 2:14 PM
Re: Modding Blues DeVille to a Hotrod Deville
Yes you can mod your amp to Hot Rod specs. If you like the NO tone, almost high gain of the Hot Rod Deville, go ahead. After spending many hours retracking the PCB, repairing damage (it will happen) to the PCB you may be happy. I do warranty repairs for Fender products and have worked on many Deluxes, Devilles and hot rod updates. If you don't like what you have, buy what you want. While you spend hours, days, weeks, months stuffing around with your amp (if this is your only amp) you won't be playing your guitar through the amp. The bottom line is guitars and amps are for producing music. This seems to get lost in the quest to rewire the amp for the 1000th time. If you have the time, knowledge and money go ahead. Why turn an almost OK amp into a les than ok sounding amp. Ever thought of an Soldano, gain to burn but again where is the tone. Try a pedal as stated in an earlier reply. Cheaper, better results.  

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