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Re: cap across pot mod

8/24/1999 5:28 PM
Steve A.
Re: cap across pot mod
    I think that evan means with the resistor in series with the treble bleed (or bright) cap across the ungrounded contacts of a volume pot. By adding in the 100R to 470R resistor in series with the cap it would lessen the brightness effect— which is a good thing because those 500pF to 0.001uF bright caps can rip your ears off. I've gone down to maybe 22pF to 47pF for most bright caps (depending on the circuit) and I've just about used up all of my silver mica caps under 50pF so I may give that idea a try.  
    So how would that effect the tuning of the RC network (e.g., using a 250pF cap in series with a 470R instead of a 50pF cap by itself)? I was wondering if it might have some effect on the sharpness of the knee (for a treble-pass RC circuit).  
Steve Ahola

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