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previous: Giacomo I added middle pots to my SFDR. Now... -- 8/19/1999 8:34 PM View Thread

Re: Middle pot added

8/19/1999 11:40 PM
old dr. fuzzRe: Middle pot added
absolutely normal- any old fender with a midrange control will have no ouput when all tone controls are zeroed. Fender tone controls are passive, not active like a mixer or hifi. The  
Midrange actually affects all frequencies equally, like a fasder, and unless some tone control is opened no signal will pass. I found this out the hard way playing at the minnesota state fair in 1965. Our garage band got a chance to play on the big stage with "real" equipment and I plugged into channel two of a dual showman. I kept turning up the volume- but no sound. Finally the mc came over and dimed everything! LOTS OF SOUND THEN!

Steve A. odf: -- 8/20/1999 1:23 AM