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Re: max voltage for el84?

8/18/1999 2:52 AM
Steve A.
Re: max voltage for el84?
    It is interesting that you mention that: my Peavey Classic 50 runs about 396vdc to the plates, but I set the bias very low (maybe 28mA per tube) because it doesn't sound right to my ears any higher than that... (And I was thinking that there was something wrong because threads on the AC-30 mentioned running the bias a lot higher!)  
    BTW on the C50 they have 100R screen resistors for two of the tubes (V4&5) and no screen resistors for the other two tubes (V6&7). Would that be to get a different sound and/or response from each tube of each pair (V4&6/V5&7)... presumably to add up to a fuller, more complex sound? Any ideas on that one?  
Steve Ahola

ken Steve, you will ALWAYS get more lif... -- 8/18/1999 12:36 PM