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Re: 6973=6CZ5?

8/14/1999 8:20 PM
Re: 6973=6CZ5?
Yer real close but the basing diagram isn't identical - note pin 8. So make sure that the screen grid supply is connected to pin 1 on the socket 'cuz fer all practicable purposes the only difference is the dual screen grid connections of the 6973. In fact, a couple of years ago a friend brought me an "Orpheus" amplifier that belonged to his father. He has installed new IEC 6973s and the amp just didn't work and several service shops had passed it on as "unrepairable." When I got into it I noticed that there was no screen voltage 'cuz IEC had rebranded a 6CZ5 as a 6973 but the amp used pin 8 on the socket as the screen connection - so I just moved the wire to pin 1 on each of the sockets.