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Re: silicone synthesized tube replacement

7/24/1999 3:48 PM
nicRe: silicone synthesized tube replacement
Or even the Former soviet union. You know the Russian Bear Bomber is supposed to be all tube, to minimize the risk that transistors would fuse together in a nucular attack. Now that the cold war is over how much threat is there for a nuclear attack? They could be investing the rest of their money in a 'less expensive, lower maintainence' way to keep the mighty Bear in the air.  
It's funny cause all these modeling amps are supposed to be amazing. They don't use tubes (or at most one) but can sound like 16 different classic amps. I don't buy it! Someday I will get the courage to try one of them, but that'll be a long time. Tad's posting sorta reminded me of the hype behind this sorta amp. Any oppinions on them?  

MKB About the modeling amps, I have one... -- 7/27/1999 12:09 PM