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blue re-do

7/19/1999 4:10 AM
chip hys
blue re-do
I finished my first diy amp and it was allot of fun (ax-84) p-1, anyway I am now thinking about my 60 w blue voodoo and how I would like to take the iron and build a fender type amp with it,I have been told to just try and sell it but ever try to sale a crate.... my blue voodoo has 5/ 12ax7s and will take el34 or 6l6 I like the fender "pro-amp" AA763 1963-1965..or a bassman type ...  
and am wondering how I would find out if the p/t and o/t would work for this ? any sites with this info, or books you would recommend.. the o/t has 94-809-71 e.i.a. 682 9541 on it, and the p/t has slme 94-613-03, 9507, on it, if that helps  

Graywater Chip,Don't have my ... -- 7/19/1999 5:28 PM