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Re: DIY MultiFX Rack - Patch Connectorization

7/12/1999 5:13 PM
Mark HammerRe: DIY MultiFX Rack - Patch Connectorization
Go to Radio Shack and buy a mess of the 2P6T rotary switches. Wire them up as "station switches" that can select up to 6 different things (one at a time of course) for that station. Each station has an in and an out, that can be wired up to the in and out of something else.  
MXR used a scheme like this for their OMNI multi-FX rack years ago. The inimitable Mr. Anderton also recommended it in a series of articles.  
The system is most easily implemented when everything is wired up in series. You CAN whip up a wiring scheme that lets you do parallel, but it will be somewhat harder to do.  
Despite the downside of keeping track of all that wiring, it presents advantages by making patches selectable from a front panel, and doesn't require a truckload of patch cables. There are plenty of occasions when patch cables provide much more specificity and flexibility (which is why analog modular synths used them), but for many purposes, what I describe is more than adequate. Since it is technically possible for one to inadvertently assign the same device/module to more stations than it can go to, you'll need to keep track of what is assigned where, but it is a relatively trivial matter to label a front panel so that you can see that FUZZ 1 has been accidentally patched into both station 2 and 4 at the same time.  
Since you clearly have an interest in remote switching, the station idea is one that is quite compatible with DPDT relay switching. Just treat the station like an FX loop, and use the relay to switch between the station and bypass.