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Re: DIY MultiFX Rack - Patch Connectorization

7/12/1999 9:05 AM
Jack Orman
Re: DIY MultiFX Rack - Patch Connectorization
with a default configuration: preamp, compressor, 3 different distortions in parallel, ~8 various effects (2 phase shifters, pitch shifter, stereo trem, etc.) in parallel, all with separate inputs to a stereo mixer with pan pots for each input  
It is my general philosophy that the compressor be first in the chain. It also depends on what signal level the compressor is designed to work with whether a preamp in front of it is a good idea. You have to analyze the purpose of the preamp. Is it a buffer, or used for a clean boost?  
Although you may want to have the system as versatile as possible, it may be necessary to make some compromises. I struggled with this same problem when putting some effects into a rack system for my studio. I ended up putting separate in/out jacks for each effect and using patch cords to connect them in whatever order is needed. There is no default configuration, I always have to patch the circuits together. It doen't look neat with the patch cords hanging off the front, but so what; that has never been a problem.  
My premise is that the first stage preamp is the only stage that should be set to higher than unity gain, and all other stages/effects should be set to approximately unity gain  
Not really possible. Besides, you may not want that preamp on all the time if you have a Fuzzface or similar as one of your distortions since the guitar pickup interacting with the input Z of the F-face is part of the sound of the device.  
I don't recommend a stereo jack for combination input/output. It will only lead to trouble.  
best regards, Jack