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Re: Sub. for BC109, BC549

7/2/1999 11:49 AM
Re: Sub. for BC109, BC549
That's it, sorry for the typo.  
It's funny - the only 2N3904's and 2N3906's I've ever seen were in a computer board for temperature monitoring (Axxion or Advantech). Almost the only 2N's I can find on stores here are the 2N2222 and the 2N3055. On the other hand, I can easily find all the BC series, in large quantities.  
The "generic" types are the BC547 (NPN) and BC557 (PNP), the BC549/BC559 are lower noise.  
If there was a way to do it and somebody really wants some BC's I would gladly exchange some BC's for ANY fet or mosfet, since they are virtually imposible to get here.  

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