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Re: Thoughts on Pre-Amps

6/28/1999 4:21 PM
Re: Thoughts on Pre-Amps
Howdy all. My eighties Riviera- style Fender Concert has pre and post distortion EQ, I added a cathode follower and a Marshall type tone stack to the distortion channel. This, along with a few other minor mods, made this amp MUCH better sounding in the overdrive channel. This amp, along with most early Boogies I've heard without post distortion EQ, suffer from a severe lack of bass in the overdrive. The post distortion EQ's don't seem to suffer from this as much to my ears. However, these impressions were not made with a distorting power stage, mostly preamp distortion only.  
The combination of pre and post distortion EQ is pretty versatile, as you can tweak the guitar tone that is distorted. On some Marshall and Boogie designs (like their MIDI preamps), they have non-adjustable pre distortion EQ circuits- they look like a tone stack with fixed resistors replacing the pots. Maybe you could temporarily place a pre distortion EQ stack in your preamp, set the pots to where you like, measure the resistances of the pots and then permanently install a tone stack with fixed resistors? Maybe use switches to select between a, say, Strat optimized or Les Paul optimized fixed tone stack? This may eliminate the need for pre distortion EQ pots and save front panel space.

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