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Re: Dynaco ST-70's, some ?????

6/17/1999 12:08 PM
Re: Dynaco ST-70's, some ?????
Hi, Wyatt. Another $0.02 worth from a ST70 owner. I now have three of these amps (not by design, through trades and stuff). Two are stock, one has the Glass AudioCurcio mod in it, with the regulated PS. I really like these amps and they sound great, all of them. However, later I got a pair of Macintosh MC30's which stomped the ST70's. I then built a pair of 211A based triode monoblocks, and these stomped the MC30's. All, including the ST70's, stomped any SS amp I have owned. I now use an ST70 in my studio and it works fine.  
Several suggestions; first, use fairly efficient speakers if you want any volume. These amps are good for 25W at the most.  
Second, remove the cover and ventilate the unit, as the power transformers seem to be underdesigned and run hot.  
Third, a question; what exactly are you wanting to hear in an amp? The stock ST70 is very warm and "old" sounding, it can make a harsh CD player more listenable. The Glass AudioCurcio mod ST70 is COMPLETELY different, highly detailed with an unforgiving top end. If you mod your ST70, it will basically be a different amp. It is almost the perfect modding amp, however; lots of room and good transformers. It may help to get an idea what you are looking for before modding.  
Finally, be sure your 5AR4 is not the small one the size of a 6V6, I have heard these are amp eaters. I had one short out on me the other day and nearly fry the PT on my tweed Princeton clone; the 5AR4 came with one of my ST70's.