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Dynaco ST-70's, some ?????

6/16/1999 6:37 PM
Dynaco ST-70's, some ?????
Okay, I've a ST-70 on it's way to me. Of course, I haven't given it a look-over yet, but I'm fairly confident I'm buying from someone who has kept it up nicely.  
I know some of who have mentioned using a Dynaco power amp, so I pose some questions to you.  
My questions were what do you all use with it? It's eventually going to be part of a simple set-up for music in my bedroom. That means it will probably be paired up with a variable output CD player (Dynaco CDV-Pro?) and some speakers and that's it. But in the meantime, I was wondering about preamps and such. Do those of you who have one use a tube preamp...SS preamp, Dynaco PAS 2 or 3, etc.? And if I did pair it up with a nice but affordable SS preamp for now, will the tone suck?  
Also, any suggestions on tubes. Are the Sovtek 7199's any good or should a pay for NOS? And, what are your opinions of current model EL34's for HiFi use?  
Thanks for any answers, guys.  

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