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Re: Studio Monitors and Computer Recording

8/22/2000 11:00 AM
Mikko Helin
Re: Studio Monitors and Computer Recording
can i use these speakers as my regular computer speakers (i see no reason why not). any suggestions of other brands to look at?? "
I use KRK K-Rok's (see also the Rokit model, Tannoy Reveal is also a quite popular nearfield. Say no to Yamaha NS-10's.  
also, anyone have software suggestions for mixing and effects?? hardware suggestions?? "
Cubase VST makes it all (sequencing MIDI and audio plus effects, mixing and software synthesis). I use Terratec EWS88MT sound card (bare 8 in / 8 out audio card) with it. SB Live! is ok as synth, but Turtle Beach Santa Cruz ( has a little bit better sound quality (don't know about the synth, haven't heard it, it supports also DLS samples).

AustinC Why do so many people hate NS-10's?... -- 8/24/2000 7:27 AM