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Re: Cleaner spray for electronics...

5/19/2000 7:06 AM
Steve A.
Re: Cleaner spray for electronics...
"I've used Windex with varying amounts of success."
On what exactly?  
    For windows and mirrors, of course. To mop my floors, I use Spic and Span.  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. I can see the ammonia in Windex cutting the built-up crud on a chassis but with the H2O content I don't think that I would want to use it on tube sockets (with voltages up to 500vdc). If Vin meant pots, I guess you would want to give it plenty of time to evaporate. I've had some new pots which would get better for awhile with spray cleaner but would usually revert to their evil ways after a few days. I guess I could try Windex before yanking them out... If that doesn't work get out the Easy-Off and a can of Gunk (just kidding- don't try those last two at home!)

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