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Re: Replacement-PU's for Strat....

10/23/2000 6:15 PM
Steve M
Re: Replacement-PU's for Strat....
I have a set of Duncan Alnico II ProStrat PUs in one of my guitars. I really like the sound of them. They are supposed to sound smoother than "regular" vintage style strat PUs. In fact, they are the only pickups that I've had in that guitar that sound good.  
I've also had a set of Fender '57/62 reissue PUs in that guitar, and they didn't sound as smooth or complex as the Duncans. The Reissues were really bright too. The Duncans are bright, but have a smoother high end, not as harsh as some single coils.  
Those two sets are the only ones that I've tried from your list, so I can't comment on the others. However, the Fralins and Kinmans are well regarded here by all accounts.  
Hope this helps,  

Thorsten Hi Steve,thanks for... -- 10/23/2000 6:43 PM