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Re: Strat Whammy Gurus??

9/19/2000 3:38 PM
Re: Strat Whammy Gurus??
What you are describing was acheived once with an abortion that Washburn put out years ago; the problem is, that with the different string sizes and tensions, the strings will drop at a different rate pitchwise. On a stock strat, there isn't much of a way to avoid this, practically speaking, without much changing of string gauges, and spring fiddling. You can see this by doing somthing like detuning your high and low E strings by 1/2 turn on your tuning key, and seeing how much the pitch dropped on each one. They don't match up too well, do they? Same thing happens with the tremolo bar. BTW, the Washburn unit sounded like shite.

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