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Re: AS Strat retro mods... are these worth it?

8/5/2000 12:37 AM
David Warren
Re: AS Strat retro mods... are these worth it?
Everyone seems to have an opinion, and so do I. I love my American Standard Strat with the AS bridge. It has the stainless saddles, which help tonewise, I believe. Of course, a vintage bridge won't hurt anything if you are trying for that vintage vibe. The best thing you could do for your guitar is to put some Tom Anderson pickups in it. Tom Anderson is known for guitars with great tone, and his pickups are no small part of the resulting tone. They are hard to find, but I noticed that Mars Music - at least the Nashville store - is now stocking them. The large pole pieces in the Anderson pickups will take away any paranoia about the strings not being exactly over the pole piece.

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