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Re: Is Warmoth the only "game in town"?

8/5/2000 12:04 AM
David Warren
Re: Is Warmoth the only "game in town"?
Try Boogie Bodies (Wayne Charvel, of Charvel Guitars, used to be a partner in this company) is a good source for Fender style bodies and necks. Search for their web site. They also are the sales agents for Speedster tube amps. Another great source for Fender bodies, such as the bass bodies you want is Stewart-McDonald's Guitar Shop Supply. They also have a web site which you should easily find with a search engine. Both companies mentioned are very reputable. Stewart McDonald also sells everything else you would need to build a solid body bass or guitar. If you have trouble locating these companies, let me know. Also, if you don't need exact Fender replicas, Carvin makes excellent guitar and bass bodies, plus necks. They, too, have everything you need to complete your instrument. As far as the neck to neck pocket fit is concerned, it is common to have to shave the neck or rout the neck pocket for proper fit, unless you buy from one of the companies I mentioned. They build necks and bodies to be compatible. Good luck.

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