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Re: string spacing on the nut

7/24/2000 11:56 PM
Eric H
Re: string spacing on the nut
"bone is harder."
That's not my experience, but I may not have had the best bone in the past --usually bought from in-store techs. hmmm. I will say that bone has that cool vintage look and looks better with age, and corian looks better on modern or custom guitars.  
"Graph-tech nuts are OK, but, not for my setup,  
as they are way too soft, and the nut would wearout  
rapidly "
Tone is great on mine, and the lubricating quality of the graphite keeps the wear down, hell, filing these takes forever --because of the graphite they take a lot longer to cut than corian or bone.  
I've only used them 2 years, but wear seems ok, and my tuning stability is way better --on tilt-back headstocks ,Gibson, and Martin --no trems. This is worth it to me.  
"(note- this is only true with my setup methods)  
I'll bite, Ed, what's different about your setup?  

Ed Rembold Eric,I was refering to my n... -- 7/25/2000 6:08 AM