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Re: The latest from Warmoth...

7/18/2000 5:15 PM
Re: The latest from Warmoth...
I don't think you're ranting at all. I've been closely following your predicament. I'm glad you told your story, I've now thoroughly reconsidered buying a neck from Warmoth, which I was about to do before this thread.  
On the bright side, you've informed countless individuals on this subject and I'm sure that we're all wiser for it (if that's any small consolation).  
As for your guitar, I guess that buying a new neck is the only thing you could do to fix it...unless of course it's the body that's bad, or some voodoo mojo happening between the two. Do you have another strat? Maybe you could test the bad neck by attaching it to a different body? Or try a neck known to be good on the warmoth body? Who knows, it may help something.  
The thing that sucks the worst: If you decide that a new neck is the only avenue to solve the problem, there's always the unfortunate possibility that you'll get another lemon...  
good luck,