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Re: gibson varitone in a strat

5/3/2000 6:50 PM
500TRe: gibson varitone in a strat
Firstly, the varitone circuit is not a pot, but a 5-position selector which sequentially selects different inductors that reduce the overall bass response of the pickups more and more (in guitars, caps bleed off treble and inductors bleed off bass). This is often used in the ES-355 and ES-472 jazz guitars so that the thick, bass-heavy humbuckers can be "thinned" down to sound more like single-coil pickups. Since a "Strat" already has SC Pickups, why do you want a varitone?  
Of course, I could be wrong......  

scott i did not know thats how a varitone... -- 5/3/2000 11:34 PM
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