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Opinions wanted on EMG 89 pickups

4/16/2000 1:24 AM
Opinions wanted on EMG 89 pickups
I recently bought a Schecter C1+ and I'm thrilled with every aspect of the beast except the pickups. They're dull and bottom heavy.  
I've played a Washburn Chicago Series for about 8 years now and have always loved the sound and versatility of it's active pickups. However,the guitar is simply wearing out. (Frets, bridge saddles, et.) Plus I'm just ready for a change. I looked into the possibility of installing the Washburn's pickups in the Schecter, but there ain't enough room. Has anyone out there used the EMG 89? The ads indicate it should be comparable in features to the Washburn, but I'd be interested in hearing some comments on tone. Thanks!