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previous: JeffS Re: Les Paul w/JB pickup -- 2/23/2000 11:28 PM View Thread

Is classic'57 a good pickup for lespauls?

2/24/2000 10:34 PM
Kursad K.
Is classic'57 a good pickup for lespauls?
In the gibson web pages I did not see a lespaul model with classic '57 pickups. Are you sure that they are appropriate?  
They usually have 490R and 498T on the standard or 496R and 500T on the classic. Is classic '57 a similar pickup? Gibson uses it in the hollowbody / semihollowbody guitars.

Liam Yes, they're a lot more appropriate... -- 2/25/2000 3:23 PM
david Re: Is classic'57 a good pickup for lespauls?-long -- 2/26/2000 4:11 PM