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Re: Hendrix signature Strat...anybody got one?

2/14/2000 4:38 PM
Re: Hendrix signature Strat...anybody got one?
All the ones I've seen were nicely made. The question should be, "Are you comfortable playing a left-handed guitar upside down?". The body contour releif cutouts won't be where you'd like them, and the controls will be in a weird spot. If you are a left-handed player, or you don't mind the discomforts associated with an upside-down strat body, (and the price isn't inflated) then I think it's worthwhile. The Voodoo model strat is essentially the same thing, reverse headstock and reverse pickup geometry, but with the comforts of a standard right-handed body. That's the one for comfortable right-handed playing.  
The tone of the reversed strings & pickups is a little different than standard strat lineup, but remember, if you can't emulate the Hendrix licks & tone pretty well now, the reversed gizmo isn't going to magically transform your sound.