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Re: Hate the sound of my Strat

1/10/2000 4:06 PM
steve m
Re: Hate the sound of my Strat
Those AmStd. Strats are getting a reputation for being really inconsistent. Are you sure it is the PUs? How does the guitar sound acoustically?  
What kind of sound are you looking for? There are many different sounding replacements (I can hear you saying "well, duh").  
I have two Frankenstrats that I've swapped out several sets of PUs in the past. Here's a rundown of my experience (YMMV):  
Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Strat: These are hands down my favorite PUs. They are the only PUs that sound good in one of my frankenstrats. These are a vintage style SC PU and are consequently noisy. The have a nice vintage tone, but not overly bright. They are nice and smooth, but are not very hot. They quack nicely in the 2 and 4 positions.  
Seymour Duncan Hot Stack Strats: These are a lot hotter than a stock SC PU, but they have a decent tone. They are really bright for a humbucker, but retain some strat character. The bridge PU sounds nice and full. I currently have these in my other strat.  
EMG SAs: I went back and forth on these for a while, they are pretty hot, but clean. These seem to like lots of preamp gain in an amp to get a good OD sound. Clean they can be kinda sterile, not really vintage-sounding so not a good choice if you like vintage tones. They sure are quiet though. One major hassle is that because they are battery powered, the battery drains if you leave the cord plugged in. Two days in a rown, and the battery is dead. It is a really pain to take a guitar apart and replace the battery.  
Fender 57/62 Reissue PUs: these sound similar to the Duncan APSII PUs, but not as sweet. I've also heard that the earlier ones sound better than the later ones, but who knows?  
Schecter Tapped SCs: Nice clean sound, really fuzzy OD sounds. These are the ones with the big pole pieces.  
Fender Lace Sensors: I went back and forth on these for a while, but ended up getting rid of them. The gold sound pretty good, but something seems missing. They are good if you like heavily processed sounds. The Silver "Fat Strat" version is nice for the brigde as it sounds fatter than a standard SC.  
Lace Transensors: I had a set of these for a while, okay clean tone, nice high gain OD tone. Be aware that these like a 500k volume pot, the 250k loads them down too much and causes problems.  
Be aware that these are all "budget" PUs. I got most of them used, cheap from various sources as I'm on a budget.  
Some of the boutique SCs may be even better, Fralin, Barden, Kinman, ect.  
Hope this helps,