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Re: Ben Harper's guitars!

11/20/1999 1:57 PM
Re: Ben Harper's guitars!
Steve, from what I gathered regarding the purpose of the new Asher (less feedback at high volumes and more rugged construction) I would guess that the neck has graphite rods in it. Powdered graphite is an interesting idea, but since I would want my lap steel to ring out, I would stay away from any intentional deadening.  
Also, I'd like to find out how those Tom Anderson pickups (they look an awful lot like the Sunrise p/u on the Weissenborn) measure up. You're right, though - the guitar on BTS is pretty badass. Do a web search for "Brad's Page Of Steel" for more lap steel info. Sorry I don't have the URL handy...  

Mark Hammer Ben did that song on a little live ... -- 11/22/1999 6:19 PM