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Re: Tapping 3 SD 1/4-Pounders at once,...(m)

10/17/1999 12:15 PM
Steve A.
Re: Tapping 3 SD 1/4-Pounders at once,...(m)
    I think you do need to use a 3 pole mini-toggle switch but I did have a question: for each pickup is the tap an alternate hot lead[#1] or an alternate ground[#2]? (I would guess #1 since that is the typical way to tap a sc pickup.)  
    If your main concern is not drilling a hole in the pickguard for a mini-toggle switch you could use a "mega switch" (a 4P5T selector switch) and use the p-p pull pot to select which wafer is active (tapped or full-coil). I think that you would need all 4 poles for this scheme so you'd have to devise an alternate wiring for the tone pot(s).  
Steve Ahola

Wyatt  < -- 10/17/1999 9:47 PM