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Re: BF Showman impedances

9/14/2000 7:00 PM
Re: BF Showman impedances
I think I've read that some Showman amps actually got a Dual Showman OT, and thus had a 4 ohm output, despite reading Showman (and not Dual Showman). You should be able to check this by the part number...  
The 8 ohm Showman OT should be part #125A30A.  
The 4 Ohm Dual Showman/Twin Reverb OT should be #125A29A.  
So if you've got a Showman with an original #125A29A, then it's really a Dual Showman, sold before Fender started adding the block letters DUAL.  
I bought a 67 Showman on eBay for $400, and it's scheduled to arrive today! Can't wait to check it out. Tried the Tweed thing, but I think I prefer the big clean BF tone.  
Skoorb, what type of maintenance did you do to get your BF Showman stage ready? I'm thinking of replacing filter caps and maybe some other components like cathode bypass caps, cathode resistors, perhaps plate load resistors (?...these recomendations as per one of Gerald Webers books). I'm planning on playing 2-3 times a week with this thing atop a Marshall 412.  

Skoorb Jim - its only a single Dual Showma... -- 9/18/2000 11:10 AM