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Re: BF Showman impedances

9/13/2000 9:09 PM
Jim S.
Re: BF Showman impedances
Showman is 8 ohms output impedance. The Dual Showman is 4 ohms output impedance.  
The two speaker jacks are wired in parallel. In other words, they are both fed by the same single-tap secondary winding on the output transformer. If you have two 8 ohm speakers, it makes absolutely no difference if you connect them separately to each of the speaker jacks or leave the two speakers wired together (in parallel) and connect the combination up to the main speaker jack. Both configurations are electrically identical. Either way, you're presenting the amp with a 4 ohm speaker load.  
Even at stage volume, you shouldn't have any problems running your Showman head with a 4 ohm load. I'd imagine a Showman through TWO JBL 15" cabs must sound formidable!