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Re: Tweed Champ Question..

6/28/2000 4:36 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps
Re: Tweed Champ Question..
Right! No feedback with a reduced preamp output ROCKS!  
However, on my Soulkicker Jr. amps, (a hot rodded SE tweed Princeton), I also hold the triode section's 1k5 cathode resistor (bypassed with a 2.2uF to 4.7uF cap) up from ground with a 130 ohm resistor and then apply some NFB voltage into the junction of the 1k5 and 130 resistors, very much like a BF Princeton Reverb and it works great.  
This can be made switchable for a looser/tight sound.  

Peter S Bruce, That's a killer id... -- 6/29/2000 3:10 AM