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Help w/ A National VAL-TREM Amp

6/26/2000 9:11 PM
Help w/ A National VAL-TREM Amp
I just acquired an old National VAL-TREM amp this weekend. It is a sweet sounding low power little 2 X 10 combo amp. It has 2 ea. C10R old Jensen Special Speakers. It is in very good condition and just needs some minor cleanup & tweaking ... I think!?  
It has the following tubes:  
3 ea. 6EU7 (Triodes !?)  
1 ea. 5Y3 GT (Rectifier !?)  
2 ea. 6973 (Power tubes !?)  
I have found through references that I can sub 12ax7 family tubes for the 6EU7's, but I cannot find what the 6973's are comparable with ... (EL84's ???)  
Please help me if anyone knows what to replace the power tubes with ... and anything else about this amp would be greatly appreciated.  
Thank you in advance.  

Leeq P.S.I forgot to post this .... -- 6/26/2000 9:14 PM
Scott Swartz You may be able to sub 6CZ5 for the... -- 6/27/2000 5:39 PM