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Re: To buy (or not to buy) a hacked amp

6/18/2000 9:04 AM
Re: To buy (or not to buy) a hacked amp
The modern stuff is really quite amazingly crappy in the exact same way that old Hiwatts aren't. It is almost a breathtaking experience to open up a current production amp and marvel at the ingenious ways the designers have saved money and made construction stupidly easy while simultaneously making service difficult(or not viable as an option). In the store yesterday I had to listen to some guy tell his friend that Crate was an EXCELLENT quality brand amplifier.~choke~cough~ I also have former vintage amp guys tell me they've sold everything and just have one of the "digital modeling" amps because it gets ALL those tones and what do YOU have against them. Nothing, except they're basically computers. They'll go the way of the Vic-20. I don't think the current crop of crap will be around in 20 years. All the clean "classic" amps will be in collections. The only "good" amps will be "boutique" amps and older "hack jobs" that have no value as collector items. Get 'em while they're cheap!