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Re: ELK "Stage-Man" arrived...

6/8/2000 9:49 PM
Re: ELK "Stage-Man" arrived...
Thanks for the response, Peter.  
Last night I spent what time I had getting the amp in shape...I replaced the bad bypass cap on the 6BQ5's and also replaced the filter caps, then plugged it in.  
The amp has a hum problem, a blown speaker, and the tremolo dosn't work. I wondered later whether the tremolo FS jack is rigged so that the effect is always off when the footswitch isn't plugged in.  
Re: the hum, I tried pulling each of the tubes, starting at the preamp and working my back to the PI, but that proved to not be the source. I may need to check my grounds.  
The reverb is kind of weird; it sounds like a cross between the lousy stock Silvertone reverb and a Fender reverb. Kind of clangy/washy, but with a fairly nice, long, wet decay. I may try tweaking the grid resistor on the driver to bring the dwell down. I'll probably take your advice and swap in an Accutronics tank.  
This amp is not even as loud as my PR, which surprised me. There is a 260-0-260 PRI winding designation on the PT. Not sure what that rectifies out to...the cathode resistor is 130-ohm bypassed w/30uF-16v (or at least it was until I swapped in a 22uF-35v).  
Not a bad-sounding amp upon 1st listen, but there is plenty of room for improvement. I'm debating on whether or not its worth it to try tweaking the amp as is, or alternately to build a new board and start fresh. I'm halfway tempted drop in a new set of trannies and make it a 4x6BQ5 rig. Lose the tremolo and the tube rectifier and I might be able to keep the reverb. I could use the freed up tremolo control holes for the other 2 knobs in a 3-knob reverb setup. Hmmm...  
I kind of hate to change the feature set though...we'll see.  
- P

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