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Re: My bass amp keeps cutting out!!!

8/9/2000 4:31 PM
Don Symes
Re: My bass amp keeps cutting out!!!
Lemme understand this.  
Your Hartke amp, pluged into a speaker, sometimes cuts out. Then 'click' it's back on.  
An Ampeg amp, plugged into the same speaker exhibits the same symptom? And the Hartke isn't sonnected to that speaker, nor is it on, nor is a bass plugged into it. Regarless of bass or input cable - works-cuts_out-'click'-works (duh - just clearing out assumptions)  
A new speaker, with new wiring, still cuts out in the same way with either amp?  
Have you tried a different power outlet? Maybe in a different building?  
It's a long shot, but it's also the one thing not mentioned.

R.G. ...uh, the building doesn't have so... -- 8/14/2000 10:12 PM