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.50 Caliber Mesa/Boogie Reverb

7/28/2000 5:59 PM
David Warren
.50 Caliber Mesa/Boogie Reverb
My .50 Caliber Mesa/Boogie's Reverb is suddenly intermittent. It was suggested to me that I should replace the 12AX7 reverb driver tube. I did so, then the reverb would never work. With the previous tube back in, it becomes active after the amp has warmed-up for about ten minutes. It was also suggested to me that I replace the stock 12AX7 reverb tube with a 12AT7. The amp's preamp uses 5 12AX7's, was designed that way, and replacing the reverb tube with a 12AT7 would not help, IMHO. Seems that it must be some heat sensitive component, like a capacitor, or the tube I used to replace the stock tube is itself defective. Any suggestions from anyone who has worked on these amps? Mine is the original version of this amp, which uses EL-84/6BQ5 power tubes. Also, I believe it is the same preamp design as used in any of the Studio preamp designs from the mid to late 1980's. Thanks for any help!

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