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Re: Schem for a Marshall pedal reverb switch, please?

7/5/2000 1:00 AM
Ray Ivers
Re: Schem for a Marshall pedal reverb switch, please?
The 2040 schematic in the Pittman book doesn't appear to have a footswitch. The model number for Marshall amps is usually somewhere on the back panel - it could be this amp you have is not a 2040. The Mike Doyle Marshall book has lots of schematic diagrams of combo amps with footswitches, but without the exact model number I don't know which of them are your amp.  
I assume the 'female' connector you mention is a 1/4" stereo jack, with one ground and two 'hot' connections. One of these (possibly the tip connection) grounds out (or ground-enables) the boost, tremolo, or channel-switching functions, while the other one is used for the reverb function. This is total guesswork on my part, based on the Marshall footswitch wiring I've seen in the past.  
Marshall makes a footswitch (model P802) that should work. This can probably be ordered from any Marshall dealer anywhere in the world; the price I have is $40 US.  

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