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Re: Schem for a Marshall pedal reverb switch, please?

7/4/2000 11:46 PM
Re: Schem for a Marshall pedal reverb switch, please?
Ray, it is for the Marshall Artisté combo I was talking about the other day.  
I'll definitely keep it.  
I think the it's the same schem for the Marshall Artist head, schematic #2040.  
I remember I once saw this schem "hand drawn" on a friend's Pittman's book (hard to read, the schem drawing, as I remember), and I also found a site that sells/swaps schematics, but I can't wait weeks to send the cash and receive the schem... Otherwise I wouldn't mind to pay for it, of course.  
The footswitch is for turning on or off the reverb, otherwise, it is always ON doesn't matter in wich channel you're plugged into.  
Well, actualy if you play in the Marshall sound channel, the reverb is not sound active, but the circuit is, so it hums for nothing.  

Ray Ivers JC,The 2040 schemat... -- 7/5/2000 1:00 AM