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What to do about my humming amp?

5/30/2000 12:35 AM
Rob P
What to do about my humming amp?
Hi all,  
I own a peavey TKO115 bass amp (sorry, i'm building a tube replacement at the moment) actually i don't mind it, seems to sound pretty good to me.  
anyway, the problem I have is that it hums. i've tried quite a lot, and i have found that the hum is in the preamp. (when i plugged a jack into the power amp input, all went dead quiet)  
i've tried replacing each opamp, with no change in hum. does anyone have any other suggestions, should i maybe start replacing caps? (don't know why that'd create/remove hum)  
anyway, i've run out of ideas, so any input is much appreciated.  

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