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Re: Marshall Plexi RI Vol. Pot. Linear Or Audio?

8/29/2000 6:40 AM
Peter S
Re: Marshall Plexi RI Vol. Pot. Linear Or Audio?
You can take the 500pf cap off and it will help alot.....if you use the amp at low volumes and find the sound too dull, put a 100pf cap on the volume pot. This will give you the high end sparkle without the overbearing midrange of the 500pf. Also, the taper of many audio taper pots frankly sucks. Stick a good audio taper pot in there with 30% taper and you will have much more control over the volume, and the amp will distort much later in the rotation. The lower gain distortion sounds will also be much smoother if you are still using a bypass cap on the volume control. The only pots I use are Clarostats and I can turn my amps up to about 6 before they really start to breakup. Between 7 and 10 is where all the distortion lives. By the time you are up to 7 or so the brightness cap is already out of the circuit and the distortion is much better sounding.  
Peter S