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Torres Champ Mod?

8/12/2000 9:57 PM
Torres Champ Mod?
Please forgive me for mentioning the "T" word, but has anyone tried this particular mod?  
Apparently this is one of his more conservative kits consisting only of a handfull of resistors and no power tools.  

Don Symes 1) Get the schematic for your parti... -- 8/13/2000 1:17 AM
Steve A. Spencer:  ... -- 8/13/2000 8:13 AM
Bjorn I’ve tried it in a SF (modded to ... -- 8/13/2000 10:12 AM
Bjorn Sorry, wrong guru -- 8/15/2000 10:25 PM
Bob Re: Torres Champ Mod? -- 8/28/2000 9:17 AM
Beto For my very first amp project I bou... -- 9/8/2000 5:56 PM