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Power Transformer Question

8/10/2000 1:02 PM
Doug H
Power Transformer Question
I'm toying with the idea of adding another 12AX7 to my Electar 10 amp. I want to use it for another gain stage and a cathode follower for driving the tone stack.  
I wanted to make sure (or at least have a warm fuzzy feeling) that the power transformer has enough juice to support another tube. I think my main concern is that the 6.3V heater circuit has enough current to drive another filament (please correct me if I'm wrong). I've been trying to find some info on the xformer, with no luck so far. I know the secondary has one 350V and two 6.3V sections (one for the lamp, one for the filaments). I found 2 numbers on the xformer: "SKT 17622" on the bottom and "HD762X40" on the top.  
According to the specs, the presently installed 12AX7 and EL34WXT are drawing around 1.8A. I figure if this thing is capable of putting out over 2.5A I'm probably safe.  
Can anyone help?  

Doug H Oops! It's one 6.3V section which p... -- 8/10/2000 1:16 PM