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Re: silvertone conversion

5/31/2000 2:48 AM
anonymousRe: silvertone conversion
i've fixed up a couple of those amps and while not a total rebuild, there is ussualy alot to do. alot of times the reverb doesnt work, and since they used cheap transducers in the reverb "tank" they make you get creative to find a way to fix it.the resistors they used are CHEAP and drift wildly, if they were ever in spec at all in the first place. uses a voltage doubler circuit and good filter caps are the first order of business. all plate load resistors are suspect to be way off spec and need checked and replaced if needed. the coupling caps have not stood the test of time well either and you will probably find alot of leakers. the reverb transducers can be replaced to get that reverb sounding as cheesy and almost usable as new by using [wow] piezo buzzer elements configured at right angles [flat side facing the spring] by using small diameter solid wire soldered to the element as attachment devices. i would say that if you a. got it cheap enough, or b. if you have a strong attachment to the amp or 3. if you can do the work yourself you might get it repaired. when properly serviced and the stock jensen spkrs are in it they sound damn good. if your going to gig the amp, put in some good 2 watt screen grid resistors, a 10 watt cathode resistor on the output tubes. there is no reason these amps cant be serviced to be dependable and good sounding, but it is a matter of cost if you dont do the work yourself. muddobber