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Re: silvertone conversion

5/30/2000 5:12 AM
Re: silvertone conversion
I'm sure you'd like feedback from someone who may have tried it, but barring that, I've been a longtime Silvertone fan, having had a 1482 and two 1484s. Let me preface by saying that the ST has been more of an infatuation from my sentimental/nostalgic side, having looked at the Sears catalogs for hours, dreaming about that gear as a kid. They can sound great, but they are more of a novelty than a serious amp, IMHO. The reverb alone proves that ;^) That said...  
First, the output transformers are extremely wimpy. Very small. Very often I hear complants of blown OPTs on the 1484s. The PT is very small, also, so if I was going to undertake this conversion, I'd try to find suitable OTP and PT replacements. Then, depending on the PT of choice, you may have to change the voltage doubler to a bridge or FW power supply. Then the bias would need to be changed and add 1k or maybe 1.5k resistors to screens.  
If this doesn't sound too far fetched and you can deal with the minimal real estate in those things, the choice is yours.  
I personally think they have a really nice overdrive with 6L6s. You might try 5881/6L6WGB instead of 6L6GC for earlier breakup. IMHO, a proper conversion to EL34 would be in Hack territory and I wouldn't do it.  

T.B. I agree with Matt. I acquired a 14... -- 5/30/2000 12:10 PM