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Re: help with new/alt amp choice

10/23/2000 6:55 PM
Steve M
Re: help with new/alt amp choice
Don't know what your budget is, but check this site out:  
The amp is called the Turbo Pup.  
From what I understand, this is supposedly a good sounding amp, I've never tried one, YMMV.  
I don't know if the Turbo Pup has a loop, but you might be able to get one installed.  
I know that the maker, Mark Norwine, posts a lot to the Weber Amps BBS:  

jeff brown Yeah I've looked at that site...a g... -- 10/23/2000 7:13 PM
mark w. Better yet, write Bruce Collins at:... -- 10/23/2000 11:01 PM