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Re: Stainless Steel for Chassis?

10/19/2000 1:29 AM
Re: Stainless Steel for Chassis?
Go for stainless, say I. It's not that bad to deal with, compared to what you get. You need to get your brother-in-law to trim the angle on your drill bits for stainless, lubricate frequently, and don't overheat enough to keep the lube oil smoking, (nuther words, get the bit pressure right). SS is chunky and cohesive and hard and dulls bits quickly, but then it's done.  
And... It'll last forever, even in humid climates, (your work will be enshrined forever, like Commrade Stalin.) You won't need to spray or plate it, and it will never chip. If you want really gooder kind, plate the inside with copper to be an electrostatic short. You can choose magnetic SS if you want a magnetic short, or non magnetic. You can sand it out with emery/crocus, etc, and end with fine wet sandpaper.  
Yea. Serve with a garnish of teflon wire and a 10 Ga copper ground plate for star earthing. Step back.  

Chris B Another finishing option is to swir... -- 10/19/2000 3:37 AM