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Re: Stainless Steel for Chassis?

10/18/2000 4:18 PM
Gil Ayan
Re: Stainless Steel for Chassis?
"I have been looking at various materials for a home brew amp chassis. Aluminium was the preferred option until my brother-in-law offered to make me a stainless steel chassis. An offer almost too good to refuse. Are there any drawbacks with using SS or is it just avoided because of cost reasons?  
Can you solder grounds to SS?  
With SS, your chassis will be very strong. It will also be extremely difficult to cut (drill, punch, etc.) in any way. If you have to go steel, I would see if he could make it out of a softer variety, like teh zinc plated type that Fender used in their old amps. The plating prevents the chassis from rusting away, and being a softer allow makes it easier to work with the metal.  
Mesa Boogie Mark amps, in their current incarnation, as built stainless steel chassis. They look great, and seem to be extremely strong... but of course, those chassis have all the right holes in the right places when they leave the machine shop!  
Good luck,  

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