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Now We're (I'm) Getting Somewhere???

10/15/2000 9:39 PM
Now We're (I'm) Getting Somewhere???
Much thanks to Bruce and Peter S. your replies.  
Bruce - I just wanted to clear up about the Sovtek 12AX7WXT+. I didn't say that I like them, what I said was (I've got a 12AX7WXT+ and it sounds ok). Meaning it isn't necessarily harsh, frizzy, noisy, microphonic, etc.  
I had my hopes up for any tube that Svetlana puts out. I have reservations about most of the rest not including NOS. I realize that all NOS are not equal but have more confidence in them than any of the imported ones at this time.  
So it seems it's not just one brand that's good or bad but a select type of tube from each of a few brands. Makes things a little more complicated. Guess I need to make a list of tubes and stick to that for now.  
As an electrical contractor, I've been spoiled in having mostly good, reliable products at my disposal. If I start having what I think is a definite problem with a product then it's outta here! And that's my attitude towards tubes. If they ain't got there shxt together then I'll go another route. This is reliability I'm talking now. Sound, tone, nuances and all that are a whole other story and is welcomed. Thank God that there are sonic differences between the same type tube or there wouldn't be any fun in all of this IMHO. But, reliability problems ... who needs it???  
Peter - I was just surprised to read your post before about the problems with Svetlans 6l6GC's. It sorta caught me off guard as I was contemplating ordering somemore like I mentioned earlier.  
Most of you guys deal with many more tubes in a month than I do in a year. One day that might change, but right now it's strictly parttime for me. When you start talking hundreds of the same type tube, you're talking lots of amps.  
Where are you guys getting the Tesla 6L6GC's? I checked Antique, Angela, New Sensor and the Tube Store. How about Lord Valve? I believe you, Peter, said they were plentiful. I hate to mention that PentaLab word again, but their site claims that they and Groove Tubes are receiving tubes from the "newly reorganized Tesla factory on a limited basis". But so what??? Other distributors have them?  
Seems like there was something else I was going to ask or comment about but can't remember. Catch it next time.  
I read this board virtually everyday and have learned alot. So, you guys who are really with it, just keep on a talking cause people like me will keep on a listening.  
Thanks again, T.B.

Peter S T.B., Triode has them for ... -- 10/16/2000 2:07 AM